Design Ideas For The Perfect Summer Patio

With spring in full swing and the promise of summer to come, now is the perfect time to install a new patio. There’s nothing quite like spending the summer months enjoying the warm air and sunshine from the comfort of your own patio space, and to make the most of the experience, there are a few tips you might want to consider incorporating…

Add greenery

Patios can sometimes become a rather sterile space that is more akin to a living room than a part of your actual garden. If this suits your taste preferences, then fair enough, but to truly make the most of the space, it’s helpful to add a little greenery. There are plenty of plants and herbs that grow well in pots, so add a few of these to your patio for a more “earthy feel”. It’s particularly worth focusing on fragrant herbs such as lavender, as these are capable of providing an aesthetic benefit and a delightful scent that lasts all summer long.

Explore your lighting options

Long summer nights spent enjoying the warm air, and the tranquility of your garden are tough to beat, but you’ll need to ensure you have adequate lighting to make such an experience possible. You could opt for standard lamps if you prefer, but fairy lights are a great choice if you’re looking to build a delightful post-sundown atmosphere, and you can also opt for battery-powered options that offer a fuss-free setup.

Create comfort

Patio furniture tends to trend towards the hard and uncomfortable, especially if you have opted for plastic options to ensure you’re prepared for the occasional wandering shower. However, just because the furniture itself is uncomfortable doesn’t mean the overall space needs to be; add a few cushions, throws, and pillows to every available surface in order to heighten the comfort factor and create a warm, inviting space.

Consider a few upgrades

As patio furniture is exposed to the elements, it has a tendency to develop wear far faster than items that are displayed inside your home. If you want to create an optimal patio experience this summer, it’s worth scanning a critical eye over your existing furniture and decor to see if it’s still in good condition. If not, try a few on-trend additions to boost the overall aesthetic and ensure that your patio space has a contemporary, well-maintained feel.

Use colour creatively

We’re all used to creating colour schemes inside our home, but you can boost your patio area with the introduction of a clever colour scheme. Many people opt for “earth” colours – oranges, browns, and greens – when choosing their patio area’s colour scheme, but realistically, you can pick any three colours that work together and go from there – given that summer is on the horizon, you perhaps could look to focus on bright, vibrant colours to welcome the happiest season.

To conclude

Now is the perfect time to think about your patio space and how it can be refreshed, just in time for summer. Hopefully, the ideas above have helped to stir your imagination, and you’ll now be able to create the perfect patio from which to enjoy the best season of the year.

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