Getting Your Shed Built Is Easier Than You think

Have you been putting off building your shed for a long time? We know that the task can seem daunting, and that’s why we’ve got a solution for you. You can get your shed built without even having to get off your backside and work outside in the heat. That’s because Factory Direct can do this for you! By hiring us, you make building your shed the easiest task you’ll ever have to do. There are only a few things we are going to need from you, so let’s look at what they are.

Get It Measured

First, you are going to need a measurement and a quote so that you know how much you are looking at. You don’t want to have the works begun, only to find out that it is more than you thought it would be. This way, you know exactly what you are going to be paying, and there will be no surprises for anyone when the work is complete.

Order Some Sand

We need somewhere flat to build your shed, so if you don’t already have a level slab, you are going to need to order some sand. Now, we can’t actually dig this out and pour the sand in for you, so you are going to have to arrange this yourself. But, we can flatten it and make sure it is level so that we can build on top of this. Of course, if you already have a level surface for us to build on, then this is something that you don’t need to take into consideration.

Get Some Help

You might need to bribe your mates into helping you with the sand. You need to make sure that all the rubble and plants have been removed from the site before the paving sand can go down. There is likely no better way to convince your boys to help you out with this than to offer them an ice cold beer.

This is an essential step, so don’t miss it out because we might not be able to install your shed if you do.

Kick Back And We’ll Be There

Once you have got an appointment with us, we will come and install your shed. All of the parts will be delivered at an agreed time, and we will arrive to install your shed. We will call you to make sure that you know what time we will get there so that you don’t have to sit in and wait all day.

You might be wondering how your shed is going to be installed and what we will do is lay a thick layer of plastic down to keep weeds from growing through before we lay down the concrete. There is nothing worse than having weeds coming through your floor in your shed. Everything that we do will be to prevent anything from growing or getting in the shed. So you can be assured that you are getting the best possible shed, without having to lift a finger yourself.

We hope you see how easy it can be to get your shed built, so you no longer have to put it off!


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