Easy BBQ ideas for your Backyard Patio

Building yourself an outdoor patio can be a great way to enjoy the summer season in Australia. With the sun blazing throughout the day, it’s the perfect opportunity to use your outdoor patio in Perth to create the ultimate BBQ area with the help of some low-maintenance furniture and outdoor cooking range products. So if you’re looking to create the ultimate outdoor BBQ area, we’ve put together a couple of easy ideas that will transform your patio.

Start with a foundation

If your backyard is completely bare then you’ll want to start with the basics such as a new outdoor patio or a raised decking area for cooking or seating purposes. You might not need to invest much if you’ve already got some garden elements such as a pergola but you do want to consider choosing an open space that has plenty of ventilation and protection from the sun.

Get yourself some superior outdoor furniture

Still using plastic chairs and tables? It’s time to get rid of them! There’s plenty of unique outdoor furniture how that looks similar to what you’d expect from indoor furniture, with the main exception being that they’re completely weatherproof. This means that even if it rains during the colder months, you can still keep them around and they’ll withstand the elements to remain sturdy and beautiful. You can get lots of different styles of premium outdoor furniture, so you have plenty of choices available to match your decking and overall outdoor patio design.

If you’re a bit tight for space, then do consider getting yourself park-bench style table and chair combinations. These will save a bit of space and there are tables that can be outfitted with different shades and umbrellas to create a refuge from the sun.

Create a spot for your outdoor BBQ equipment

Having a dedicated spot for your cooking equipment is a great idea especially if you’re going to be using it on a regular basis. A decking area is usually a good place to start but if you’re looking to invest a bit more into the overall design, then a pergola is an excellent choice. Outdoor seating options can be placed on flat ground such as your outdoor patio or concrete flooring and you don’t want to keep the grilling area too far from the seating space.

If you want to create a much more refined BBQ experience then it’s worth investing in appliances that offer more than just a cooking element. Most grills are portable and can be moved around but they lack the features of a full outdoor cooking range. If you’re willing to invest a bit more money, then you could consider a complete cooking range that comes with everything from storage cabinets to refrigerators and sinks. This will offer a more complete cooking experience in addition to grilling, meaning for larger parties and events you don’t need to continuously switch between your outdoor grill and indoor cooking appliances. This can be especially helpful if the kitchen is rather far away from your outdoor patio, meaning you don’t need to walk through the entire house to fetch extra bits and pieces like seasoning.

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