4 Garage Storage Solutions That Will Make The Most Of Your Space

Has your garage become a dumping ground? Has the floor given way to piles of boots and outdoor clothes, tools, car parts or bikes? If so, you could be wasting valuable storage space. If storage is at a premium in your home, it’s hugely beneficial to take full advantage of your garage. Here are 4 smart solutions to help you make the most of your garage.

Tidy away your tools with a workbench

If you’re an enthusiastic amateur DIYer or you’re known to turn your hand to upcycling furniture or fixing up old cars from time to time, the chances are that you’ve got tools and equipment lying around. If you’re keen to maximise the space and keep your things in order so that you don’t have to waste valuable minutes trying to locate chisels or saws, investing in a workbench is a great idea. You can store everything securely and safely, your garage will look much tidier, and you can take full advantage of the floor and wall space you have available.

Hang some shelves

Shelves are a storage solution that should be added to all garages in Perth. If you’ve got shelves on the wall, you can store everything from wellington boots and trainers to screwdrivers, drill bits and bike helmets. Shelves are particularly useful if you haven’t got a huge amount of floor space available, and they ensure that everything is easily accessible. Adjustable shelving is an excellent idea if you need a lot of storage.

Organise accessories

Small items can get lost very easily, and the last thing you want to see when you open the garage door is a floor awash with screws or supplies you use for arts and crafts, sewing or DIY. Investing in a small cabinet with pull-out drawers or cubby holes is a great idea for storing away accessories and ensuring you’re able to find what you need in an instant.

Wall panels

If you haven’t got a vast amount of room available on the floor for chests or cupboards, make full use of your wall space by hanging racks and hooks and using wall panels. You can use a wall panel to store anything from coats and high-visibility vests to bike pumps, hammers, and outdoor toys. A modular design is a fantastic option if you use your garage to store lots of different types of items, as you can adapt it to cater for your needs.

Has your garage started to resemble a junkyard, are you constantly tripping over boots or toys indoors, or can you never find the tools you’re looking for when a DIY job comes calling? If storage is an issue, or your garage is cluttered, these storage solutions could make all the difference. If you utilise the space you have available and declutter, you can keep your belongings safe, your garage will look tidy and clean, and you’ll be able to find what you want within a matter of seconds. Take advantage of the wall space you have available and hang shelves and wall panels, store accessories and small items in drawers and tubs, and keep your tools tidy in a workbench.

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