7 Smart Home Addition Ideas

Posted on: 15/04/2019

Sometimes life begins to feel stagnant and you are ready for some major changes. And sometimes life demands that you alter and expand the space you live in.

Whether it’s just to shake things up and bring new energy to your residential space, or to get ready for big life changes, Factory Direct WA has ideas, designs, and immense skill at our disposal to help you choose which home additions make the most sense for your life and family.

1) Upgrade to a Deck

A deck is a great way to add more floor space to a home without totally renovating. Our team can help you decide what type of deck fits best on your home and for your needs. This type of addition is excellent for those wanting to enjoy the outdoors more in their day to day life, and is also an inexpensive option because of the minimally invasive construction process.

2) Consider a Studio Space

Whether for business or pleasure, a bonus studio space can be transformed into anything. What may be a sunroom one year can easily be converted into a dance studio for your kids as they get older. Or it can even be used as a guest room when relatives come visit. The versatility of a studio space makes it a great addition to any home.

3) Add a Raised Level

If your home is on a slope, Factory Direct WA has the know-how to add a raised level that will extent the floor of your home and give you an entirely re-imagined space. Not only do you gain space indoors, but this addition also adds a shaded, covered outdoor area to your yard.

4) Dedicate Space to a Home Office

If you are planning to run a business out of your home or just want space for the kids to do school work, an intentional home office space is the way to go. With intelligent organisation tools built in, things can remain neat and clutter-free. Don’t limit a home office to just a glossy room with filing, books and computers, a home office can also be workshop shed for DIY projects and a place for design and crafts.

5) Imagine the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Everyone dreams of their perfect bathroom, but rarely do folks make this space a priority for a renovation. At Factory Direct WA, we will work with you and your specific budget to remodel a bathroom that meets at the corner of function and style.

6) Open Your Space to the Outside

By adding large windows, bifold doors or plants to the edge of a communal space in your home, you can easily bring the light and energy of the outdoors into your living area. 

7) Play with Interesting Architecture and Design

Even if you don’t need a specific room addition or upgrade, there is always a part of your home that can be revitalised and given new purpose. Our skilled team has expert knowledge of architecture and design, and will gladly help you incorporate intricate and interesting designs into your home. This will bring new life and energy to a space without changing much at all! 


Contact Factory Direct WA today for you next home addition and we’ll discuss your options with you. With our help, you can have one of the best home additions Perth has ever seen!