Extend Your Living Space with an Outdoor Patio Kitchen

Posted on: 18/04/2019

The climate of Perth is ideal for enjoying time outdoors. With the mild winters and year-round sunshine, it is understandable that homeowners would look to extend the areas for entertainment to the outdoors. Having a covered patio area outdoors for entertaining allows homeowners to host family functions, dinner parties and BBQs in the summer all while enjoying Mother Nature.

Because so many homeowners desire an outdoor space for entertaining, one of the hottest trends for outdoor patios in Perth is to turn them into an outdoor kitchen. Not only are they functional and fun, but an outdoor patio kitchen makes entertaining year round a breeze. 

Here, we’ll go over the many benefits that we’ve seen outdoor patios offer to Perth residents and suggest some design options, so you can make your own outdoor patio kitchen.

Benefits of an Outdoor Patio Kitchen

Beyond being a novel idea, there are many benefits of installing a kitchen outdoors on the patio, including:

Additional Options for Cooking

Turning the patio into an outdoor kitchen can provide homeowners the flexibility to incorporate new ways of cooking. Grills, smokers and outdoor ovens are great for putting the fun back in cooking while keeping the inside of the home free of lingering odours. Grilling and smoking foods can be a healthier option because the fat will drip off the meat when it’s cooked which also makes it less greasy.

Extends the Entertainment / Living Space

One of the biggest benefits of having an outdoor kitchen is that it creates the perfect area for entertaining friends and family. A kitchen on the patio can be ideal for hosting parties for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. 

Because guests have a tendency to congregate around the kitchen, it can get crowded quickly indoors. Installing a kitchen on the patio will create a large enough space so guests can chat and spread out in a comfortable environment. An outdoor kitchen also enables you to do meal prep without needing to constantly run back inside for utensils and plates.  

Property Values Can Increase

Having a beautiful, fully functional outdoor kitchen will transform a backyard and will be an appealing property upgrade. Homeowners looking to sell their properties tend to find that a kitchen on the patio can make the house easier to market. Because they are considered a luxury feature, outdoor patio kitchens made with materials that are high-quality and weather-resistant can create a higher return on your investment.

Ideas for Designing Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen

Factory Direct WA offers a wide variety of design ideas that will transform your patio into the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Some of the different ways we can customize your outdoor patio kitchen include:


It is important to pick the right type of roof for your outdoor kitchen to ensure that it will stay protected from the elements. Fortunately, there is a wide range of different roofing solutions, so you and your guests can stay comfortable no matter the weather. Whether you want a polycarb or an insulated patio roof, we can create a strong and beautiful roof at a competitive cost that will last for years. Roofs that are popular in Perth include gable roof, flat hip roof, pyramid roof and combined roof patios.


Brick, concrete, tile and natural stone are all great options for the floor of your outdoor kitchen. Due to its exposure to the elements, your patio should not be made of materials like hardwood that require extra maintenance. It is better to opt for materials that are durable and stylish.

Built-In Countertops and Cabinets

Don’t forget to include areas for food preparation like an island or countertops. You should also think about having cupboards and cabinets. Otherwise, you may find yourself running inside every time you need something from the indoor kitchen. Whatever you decide on, be sure it is durable enough to handle whatever weather it may be exposed to.

Portable or Built-In BBQ

You will want to figure out what type of grill is best for your needs. A built in grill is better for hosting large groups whereas a portable grill might be better if you will host smaller groups of people. At Factory Direct, we have a large selection of portable and built in grills we can install.

Other Options

Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be limited to a grill and an area for prep. Consider other options like pizza ovens, ice machines, refrigerators and stoves so you can cook whatever you desire outside.

Adding an outdoor patio kitchen to your backyard is a great way to extend the living space of your home. If you are considering installing one in your backyard, contact the team at Factory Direct WA. Find out how we can turn your outdoor patio kitchen dream into reality.