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Q   Is a Building Permit required and who is responsible for obtaining the permit?

A   All constructions require a building permit with the exception of Garden Sheds less than 10m2, and no higher than 2.4m. It is the responsibility of the builder to make sure the permit is obtained prior to construction commencing.


Q   How long does it take to obtain a building permit?

A   If the application conforms with all relevant building codes, it will take approx. 2 to 3 weeks for approval. If it requires a planning or codes variation application then it may take a further 4 to 12 weeks depending upon the council process.


Q   Are there any other approvals required before building?

A   In some occasions, Water Authority approval needs to be obtained. With any outbuildings (Garages, Freestanding Rooms etc) a BAL assessment may be required if your property falls in a bushfire zone. Your Sales Consultant will be able to provide you with this information simply by supplying your address.


Q   I live in a very windy area, so how do I know my patio won’t blow away?

A   Most companies have a generic specification to cater for all patios and carports. Here at Factory Direct we individually calculate the specifications taking into account windspeed and position on the escarpment (if applicable), whether the unit is open or partially/fully shielded, and even down to the soil conditions! This ensures that you get the right beams for the span, all the way down to the correct footing size.


Q   How close to the boundary can I build my roof?

A   The building codes generally allow you to build 1m from your property boundary however, in a number of situations you can build the roof as close as 0.5m with just the posts extending to the boundary. A carport my be eligible to have its roof built right to the boundary, but conditions do apply and a Planning or Codes Variation application will be required.


Q   What Warranty do I get on my new patio?

A   As patios use many different products, the warranty’s vary. Polycarbonate sheeting for example has a lifetime warranty. Our Flatspan Colorweld roofing has a 12 year warranty. All warranty’s are conditional and subject to the area where the patio is built, so always check these details. To prolong the lifespan of your patio we recommend twice yearly cleaning of the underside of the roof, increasing to 4 times per year if you live within 3km of the coast or your patio faces the prevailing weather.


Q   Why should I use Factory Direct?

A   Factory Direct is proudly a Western Australian family business, employing only local people with considerable industry experience. We are also one of the few companies within the garage and patio market that are registered builders (Reg No. 11985), ensuring we comply with all industry standards. Factory Direct was setup by Derek Nicholls, a pioneer in the outdoor industry, and his experience has been passed down to his family and staff, meaning that we continue to strive to install the very best addition at a competitive price.


Q   What deposit is required in order to commence the approvals process?

A   The building commission has a strict guideline that must be adhered to with regards the deposit that can be taken. If the contract price is over $7,500 – the builder can take a maximum amount of 6.5% of the total value. This ruling applies to builders regardless of whether they are registered or not.


Q   What sort of roof should I put on my patio?

A   Talk to your consultant with regards to this. They will give you their opinion on what will work best for your circumstances, drawing upon their considerable industry experience. For example – In a very confined area you might find a polycarbonate roof would let in more natural light. Unfortunately more light also means more heat, which may not be suitable depending upon your circumstances.


Q   What does it cost to have an on-site consultation?

  Factory Direct offers obligation free on-site consultations at no charge. This is the best way for us to assess your needs and provide accurate quotations.

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