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How To Insulate Your Shed

When you are looking for a way install the best insulation in your sheds Perth has to offer, you need to shop around – you also need to understand how to insulate your garden shed in the first place. Sheds are there to protect your outdoor belongings from harsh weather, and you need it to […]

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Creating the Ultimate Man Cave Shed

Did you know that one of the most common dreams that men share is having their personal man cave? Having their private space where they can kick back, relax and enjoy their hobbies without caring about the outside world–a little piece of heaven that they can indulge in every now and then. Thankfully, it’s no […]

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Getting Your Shed Built Is Easier Than You think

Have you been putting off building your shed for a long time? We know that the task can seem daunting, and that’s why we’ve got a solution for you. You can get your shed built without even having to get off your backside and work outside in the heat. That’s because Factory Direct can do […]

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6 Creative Shed Ideas

Whether you already have a shed, or you are thinking of buying/building one, the question remains with what you are going to do with it. You might think well it’s just going to have my tools and garden equipment in it. But surely you can think of something a little more imaginative to do? If […]

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Recently Completed Projects

Extend Your Living Space with an Outdoor Patio Kitchen

The climate of Perth is ideal for enjoying time outdoors. With the mild winters and year-round sunshine, it is understandable that homeowners would look to extend the areas for entertainment to the ou...

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7 Smart Home Addition Ideas

Sometimes life begins to feel stagnant and you are ready for some major changes. And sometimes life demands that you alter the space you live in. Whether it's just to shake things up and bring new ...

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