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6 Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Home Addition

When you decide to look into new home additions to extend the living space to your home, you need to be aware that you have a lot to consider before you get to the start of your project. It’s not just about the design or the style, or how those additions will benefit your lifestyle or the property value; you need to consider the cost, the work that goes into the job. So, some things are more important than others to think before you start, and we’ve listed these for you below.

1. Where Will Your Additions Go?

Location is essential when it comes to adding things to your home. Any home additions Perth needed to be thought out and planned carefully, as additions could be added to the rear of the house, the front or to either side. You can even go up or down, with a new floor or a basement built in. All of this can only be considered with internal and external planning, the age of the house and how much curb appeal your new addition will gain.

2. What Do You Want?

This build on your home is all going to come down to what you need for your house and what you envision will be beneficial for your house value and the aesthetics. You should consider how the build you want to start will impact your life, the neighbours, the value of the home and how much money you’re going to spend to get the whole thing done. You should make your plan a solid one and use the best building company that you can find to help.

3. Moving Outside

Not every living space is stuck to the house or improving the interior of the home. Some additions will be outside on the property, adding value to your outdoor living space. These could be anything from a new swimming pool to a new deck to relax on in the evening. You could have the opportunity to improve the outside doors of the home by updating the exterior features.

4. New Image VS Original Design

Homeowners get the chance to make an older house look more modern, or take the chance to keep some original features when they choose to upgrade their home. Larger houses with original vintage features need the renovations to respect the unique features. Any additions to the house that allows for more light and space should be done carefully so as not to alter the original design too much. Open planning is very modern, but the walls may not support this, so it’s essential to get the plans for the house before you make any decisions.

5. House Value?

Will there be any additional value to your home with your renovations? The question is an important one, as you have to consider whether your improvement is going to impact your house value and aesthetics negatively. The last thing that you want to do is take away from the value of your home with the wrong kind of renovation, so you need to ensure that any changes that you make are comfortable for you and any potential buyers if you’re looking to sell on. Older houses will have different considerations, as they were built in a different time and what we consider to be modern and easy to use then will be different now. You should also ensure that you organise the additions to your home to be considerate of original designs as well as function and form. Homeowners have the chance to upgrade and make a house look better, but this shouldn’t take away from the house value at all.

6. The Cost

Lastly, a significant consideration has to be the cost of the renovation. You have to think about the method of construction when you consider your costs, as well as how you can minimise what you spend. It’s also essential that you think about the characteristics of the site, such as the slope of the house and the foundation condition.

All of these considerations are important when you want to have a construction project that’s well thought out and adds value – rather than takes it away. Before you undertake any home additions Perth you need to make a list about what you want to do, what it will cost and how it will impact the value of your home. Without this, you can often go in blind and could end up making a big mistake.


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