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How to Choose the Right Roof For Your Patio

When upgrading an area of the home, a patio is often one of the first things that get the VIP treatment. It’s a place to entertain, to relax and to just enjoy the great outdoors. Outdoor patios don’t have walls, but they do have roofs for a little coverage. Gable roof patios offer excellent space for indoor and outdoor activities, and they also add something beautiful to the garden.

When you’re looking to choose the right roof for your patio in Perth, you need to consider what’s on offer. There’s a massive range of options in terms of style, shape and material, and there are options that will fit whatever you have in mind.

Roofing Material Considerations

There are some roofing materials, such as slate and copper, that haven’t changed in centuries. However, there are so many more options to consider – from fibreglass to concrete and even plastic composite. The developments in patio roofs over the past few years have meant better durability and much easier installation. The biggest plus is the lower cost and the sustainability that homeowners want.

So, when choosing the right roof for your outdoor patio, here are some of the options in front of you to consider.

Patio Location

Where around the home is the patio located? The outdoor patios Perth that face North are much more comfortable with roofing that is insulated. The sun throughout the day hits this side of the house, and it can get sweltering. The better protected the roof, the more comfortable you can sit outdoors.

Sound Proofing

The panels in the outdoor patio that are insulated prevent too much noise. If you’re living somewhere busy, this can be a huge plus for your comfort and can help if you’re going to be entertaining.


Stamping your efforts on your home is a big deal, and it means that you can choose the finishes and colours for your patio roof that suit your tastes. Whether you use the patio to entertain or just as somewhere to sit comfortably outside, it will look as stylish as you like.


The design of your home really does matter when it comes to choosing the right roof for your patio. The older homes may suit gable patios, where others would look more modern and stylish with a flat roof or pyramid roof patios.

Wet, Wet, Wet

Given that patios don’t come with walls, the elements are always going to be a concern. The thing is, you still need to think about the waterproofing of your patio roof. Research the roof that has the best waterproofing rating and you can ensure no leaks come from above when you’re dealing with side winds.

Light It Up

A patio that is beautifully lit can look magnificent in the exterior of the home. Adding roof panels that are clear rather than opaque are often a great way to let in as much natural light as possible.

Your patio can look as modern as you like, there is a multitude of great additions you can make to your patio including good roofing choices so that it stands out in the way that you want. 


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