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Top 5 Finishing Touches for Your Patio

So you have a wonderful new patio, or maybe you have been exploring outdoor patios around Perth to find something you love. Patios make a great addition to any home, and with all the patios Perth has to offer, it is no wonder you are tempted by the appeal.

Once your patio is built, though, what will you put on it to make it look truly amazing? There are so many options for your patio structure alone, which means there are just as many additions you can use to create a welcoming, beautiful space for your outdoor enjoyment. Here are 5 suggestions on details and décor to add to your patio.

Mood Lighting

The right lighting and fixtures can transform a space from average to amazing. If you have a specific mood or theme you are trying to achieve, like maybe something tropical or something modern, you can easily find lighting to make your space feel the way you want it to. You can find string lights, tiki torches, or even some sort of disco lighting, if that is what your heart desires. Whatever theme you go for, you can find the perfect lighting to add some flair to your patio.

Comfy Furniture

Lighting can transform a space, but furniture is what people see when they first walk on to your patio. The right lounges are key to creating to a perfect, relaxing (or fun) atmosphere for your outdoor living space. As with lighting, you can find furniture in nearly any style or colour to suit your tastes and theme. Investing in a few lounges and a few tables is a great way to make your patio a functional, enjoyable space.


If you really want to entertain guests and friends outdoors on your patio, invest in a good BBQ to your BBQ area. During the nice summer days or cool winter evenings (and any time in between), have your friends over for a nice get together. You can cook up some steaks or seafood on your BBQ while everyone lounges on the patio. A BBQ is a great addition to any outdoor space and can make it that much more functional.


Your patio is outside, so why not add some green to your party space? You can find tons of indoor/outdoor plants that are easy to care for, and they make beautiful decorations for outdoor patios. You can find hanging plants, vertical set ups, or classic potted plants and small trees. Whatever appeals to you, some plants can relax your space and make it feel comfortable.

Cooling/Warming Equipment

On cold Perth winter nights, you might want to spend some time outside without freezing. A space heater or some kind of electric heater can keep your patio comfortable on those cold nights, so you can still enjoy your outdoor space. On hot summer days, a nice mounted fan or misting fan would not be remiss to cool off your patio. Be prepared for all sorts of weather, so you can enjoy your patio any time!

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